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Chronic pain relieved with P.N.T. (Pain Neutralization Technique)

Chronic = long term

Amazing results:

"One woman had a couple of fractures and 4 subsequent surgeries in her right ankle about 10 years ago. She was told by her doctors that she would live with pain for the rest of her life and that it would keep getting worse. Pain pills would be the only option. She has lived with daily pain all this time. It’s been 3 days now, the first 3 days in the last ten years that she has had no pain at all after the P.N.T. techniques were performed on her.”

"Another wonderful lady had been dealing with carpal tunnel and epicondilitis symptoms for 6 months. Pain Neutralization Technique was performed on her and when asked  about it a couple of days later she said:  “Oh! I had forgotten about it!”

"Another patient had 3 years of knee pain after meniscus surgery and now is pain free after treating her with P.N.T. in a 20 minute session.


One man had chronic lumbar pain and an annoying persistent pain in his right knee after ligament repair and re-injury. He found it remarkable to be able to experience the melting away of these tender points.

If you have long term chronic pain or know of a friend or family member with pain, call our office today to schedule an appointment for the Pain Neutralization Technique.  Obviously, this will take longer than the 5 minute, $20 adjustment. 

Dr. Cindy Steward, ND, DC

Weekly Health Update




Mental Attitude: Berry Good News.
Men who regularly consume foods rich in flavonoids (such as berries, apples, certain vegetables, tea and red wine) may significantly reduce their risk for developing Parkinson's disease. Flavonoids are naturally occurring, bioactive compounds present in many plant-based foods and drinks.
Neurology, April 2012

Chiropractic: Slowing Degeneration?
Morphologic changes in the endplate that occur with advancing age or degeneration can interfere with normal disk nutrition and further the spinal degenerative process. Degeneration decreases the ability of the spine to move through a full range of motion, which alters the integrity of the proteoglycans and water concentration, reducing the number of viable cells with decreased movement of solutes in and out of the disk.
Pain, 2004


  a dizzying sensation of tilting or the feeling of the room spinning within stable surroundings.  Dr. Steward tests the patient to determine which side of the body is damaged.  Once she checks for nystagmus (rapid eye movement) she will know which ear has loose crystals.  Crystals in the ears can be returned to their proper place by a specific pattern of motion and the use of a purcussor in the correct position on the skull.  The process works amazing well and patients receive the wonderful relief they have been looking for.  Please don’t let your friends suffer with vertigo.  Forward this email to everyone you know. 

Chiropractic: What Does Double Crush Mean?

If there is irritation of a nerve root at the vertebra of the neck, or at the triangle formed between the scalene muscles and the first rib, the nerve itself becomes "sick." As that nerve passes into the arm, it passes through several muscles before it enters the hand, beneath the transverse carpal ligament. If the nerve is already "sick," the "secondary stress" of compression within the arm muscles, or at the wrist, may cause regional symptoms at that location. We call that second insult to the nerve a "double crush" phenomenon.   Chiropractors are trained to find the “sick” nerves and to find the

locations where the nerves are compressed.

MentalAttitude: Get Your Sleep!

Older adults with poor sleep habits have an altered immunesystem response to stress that may increase their risk for mental and physicalhealth problems. Stress leads to significantly larger increases in a marker ofinflammation in poor sleepers compared to good sleepers; a marker associatedwith poor health outcomes and death. Poor sleepers report more depressivesymptoms, more loneliness and more global perceived stress relative to goodsleepers. As people age, a gradual decline in the immune system occurs, alongwith an increase in inflammation. Heightened inflammation increases the riskfor cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses, as well aspsychiatric problems.   American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, March 2012


HealthAlert: Slow Down -- You Move Too Fast? 

People who are considered ambitious, attend the bestcolleges and universities, have prestigious careers and earn high salariesdon't necessarily lead more successful lives. Ambition has its positive effects(in terms of career success, it certainly does) but ambitious people are onlyslightly happier than their less- ambitious counterparts and they actually livesomewhat shorter lives.  Journal of Applied Psychology, March 2012


Diet:Fish Oil.

Six weeks of supplementation with fish oil significantlyincreased lean mass and decreased fat mass in test subjects.   InternationalJournal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, October 2010    Order a safe,effective fish oil from:  drcindynutrition.com 


Exercise:Good Reasons.

Exercise helps you maintain proper muscle balance, reducesthe rate and severity of medical complications associated with hypertension,helps alleviate menstrual symptoms and lowers your heart rate response tosubmaximal physical exertion.   Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health,1996


Chiropractic:Adjustment or Microdiskectomy for Sciatica?

60% of patients with sciatica (symptoms of unilateral lumbarradiculopathy secondary to lumbar disk herniation at L3-4, L4-5, or L5-S1) whohad failed other medical management (patients must have failed at least 3months of nonoperative management including treatment with analgesics,lifestyle modification, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and/or acupuncture)benefited from spinal manipulation to the same degree as if they underwentsurgical intervention.   JMPT, October 2010


Wellness/Prevention:Dark Chocolate Good For The Heart.

A flavonoid called epicatechin, found in dark chocolate,enhances mitochondria structure in people with advanced heart failure and type2 diabetes. Mitochondria are cellular structures that provide the energy a cellrequires in order to move, divide, and contract. Both heart failure and type 2diabetes impair these cells, resulting in abnormalities in skeletal muscle. Inindividuals with diabetes and heart failure, these abnormalities in the heartand skeletal muscle cause decreased functional capacity, resulting indifficulty walking even short distances, shortness of breath, and a lack ofenergy.   Clinicaland Translational Science, March 2012              Toorder dark chocolate with antioxidants, probiotics, and omega 3’s that tastesawesome go to:  www.drcindy.beyondorganic.com 

Mental Attitude: Remember Zinc.
For over 50 years, scientists have known zinc plays a vital role in the brain but were not quite sure what role it played . Now, researchers from  Duke University Medical Center and MIT have discovered that zinc regulates the communication between neurons in the hippocampus, where learning and memory processes occur. 
Neuron, Aug 2011

Health Alert: Health Costs Rising!
According to experts, healthcare spending will grow 6% each year through 2020. Researchers estimate that doctor visits, clinical services and prescription drugs will be the largest growth areas. 
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Diet: Where to Eat?
As childhood obesity rises and the American diet shifts towards increasing consumption of foods eaten or prepared outside of the home, concerns about the nutritional quality and the total consumption of such foods are also increasing. Comparing measurements from 2006 to 1977, children now eat more calories every day (+179 kcal/day). This is associated with a major increase in calories eaten away from home (+255 kcal/day). The percentage of calories eaten away from home is now 33.9%.
Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Aug 2011

Exercise: Strong Arm Diabetes.
Building muscle can lower your insulin resistance risk, thus lowering your chance of developing Type-2 Diabetes. Scientists have known for a while that low muscle mass raises the risk of insulin resistance; however, no study had attempted to figure out whether increased muscle, regardless of obesity levels, might improve blood glucose control.
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, July 2011

Chiropractic: Hall of Fame Help. 
During his playing career, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana said, "I've been seeing a Chiropractor and he's really been helping me a lot. Chiropractic's a big part of my game."

Wellness/Prevention: Blueberries and Cancer.
Eating as little as a cup of blueberries every day may help prevent cell damage linked to cancer.
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Sept 2011

Health Alert: Hospital Staff Carry MRSA Superbug.

60% of doctors' and 65% of nurses' uniforms carry dangerous bacteria. In a 2009 report, rates of postoperative sepsis, or bloodstream infections, increased by 8%; postoperative catheter-associated urinary tract infections increased by 3.6%; and rates of selected infections due to medical care increased by 1.6%. 1 in 5 security cards carried by hospital doctors were contaminated with a variety of pathogenic bacteria, including the superbug MRSA, which kills thousands every year.

Health and Human Services Department, 2009


Dr. Steward uses nutrition to increase your immune system to help build your body to resist MRSA.  Your enteric system is of primary concern when fighting current diseases and resisting new illnesses you are exposed to.  Call Dr. Steward for an appointment to strengthen your enteric system.

Health Alert: You Are Getting Very Sleepy.
Insomnia affects 23% of US workforce, costing $63.2 billion annually. Insomnia is a condition characterized by difficulty falling asleep and remaining asleep. It includes a wide spectrum of sleep disorders, from not enough sleep to lack of quality sleep.
Sleep, Aug 2011       Dr. Steward uses Chinese Oriental Medicine to help you regulate your sleep.

Diet: Bad Habits?
People entering the movies were given a bucket of either just-popped, fresh popcorn or stale, week-old popcorn. Moviegoers who didn't usually eat popcorn at the movies ate much less stale popcorn than fresh popcorn. Moviegoers who typically had popcorn at the movies ate about the same amount -- regardless it was fresh or stale. When we've repeatedly eaten a food in an environment, our brain comes to associate the food with that environment and we keep eating as long as those environmental cues are present.
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2011

Exercise: Runners Drinking Too Much?
50% of recreational runners may be drinking too much fluid during races. 37% of runners drink according to a preset schedule or to maintain a certain body weight and 9% drink as much as possible. Expert guidelines recommend runners drink only when thirsty. 30% incorrectly believe they need extra salt while running, and 57% drink sports drinks because the drinks have electrolytes that prevent low blood sodium. However, main cause of low sodium is drinking too much water or sports drinks during exercise, which can dilute the sodium content of blood to abnormally low levels. This can cause a potentially fatal condition called exercise-associated hyponatremia. Symptoms of hyponatremia include: nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, loss of energy, muscle weakness, spasms or cramps. In extreme cases, the condition can lead to seizures, unconsciousness and coma.
British Journal of Sports Medicine, June 2011
Chiropractic After Initial Disability:

In work-related nonspecific low back pain, the use of health maintenance care (treatment after initial disability was resolved) provided by Physical Therapist (PT) or Medical Physician (MD) services was associated with a higher disability (injury) recurrence than in the use of Chiropractic (DC) services.
 Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011

 Wellness/Prevention: Shorter Colds.
Zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of common cold episodes by 40%.
Open Respiratory Medicine Journal, Aug 2011



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