Dr. Cindy Steward, ND, DC



Foot & Hand Pain
Dr. Steward is an expert in treating foot & hand pain.
She has extensive training in the details of the 
ligaments, tendons, and bones of the hands and feet.

Our goal is to:
 1.  Help you be able to use your hands to lift, hold, grasp, grip, turn with pain free motions.
2.  Help you walk, run, skip, jump, hop, squat and
enjoy standing on your feet again.

Did you know you have 27 bones in your hands?  

Did you know you have  26 bones in your feet?

These bones move because the muscles, ligaments and tendons attach and create motion.  Muscle spasms, repetitive motions, micro muscle tears or separation of the tendons or ligaments from the bone create pain and disfunction.  

Bones were meant to glide smoothly across each other.  We don't want the bones to jam into each other.  We help them glide smoothly again.

Pain Elimination
We have helped our patients receive relief from:
*Chronic - long term pain
*Severe vertigo
*Sciatic pain
*Breakthrough pain from cancer or bone pain
*Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (R.S.D.) AKA:  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
*Deep Pain
*TMJ pain
and many, many more 
conditions of pain

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