About Dr. Steward

Dr. Cindy Russell Steward was born and raised in Kansas. She graduated with a Biology Degree from Bartlesville Wesleyan College, a Nutrition Degree from Park College, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, and she received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College.  She has two children which have been an absolute delight in her life. Her son, Anthony, is a United States Marine with a Business Degree, and her daughter, Joy, was a sports broadcaster and is now a chiropractor.  Dr. Cindy Steward married Dan Steward in April 2010 and moved to the Austin area. 

Dr. Steward developed an interest in natural health at a very young age. After having multiple ear infections, tonsillitis, colds, high fevers and repeated cases of the flu, doctors gave up on repeat rounds of antibiotics and recommended surgery. Her parents decided to take her to a chiropractor before proceeding with the surgery.  A few adjustments improved her health to the point where she never had another ear infection and all other illnesses cleared up.  This was the starting point for her pursuit of natural alternatives.

Dr. Steward uses nutrition, naturopathy, injury correction, acupuncture, Chinese Oriental medicine, quantum physics bio-resonance, stress reduction, and other alternative treatments in her practice. She also uses a protocol which helps people lose weight by reminding the brain to release abnormal fat stores. She takes great joy in helping people get their quality of life back.  Through changes in lifestyle, environment, and nutrition, functional medicine professionals rely on their knowledge of key physiological, genetic, and biochemical processes for establishing an innovative form of total patient wellness.

 Dr. Steward uses all of her knowledge and experience to bring you the tranquil, healthy life you have been dreaming about. Through changes in lifestyle, environment, and nutrition, functional medicine professionals rely on their knowledge of key physiological, genetic, and biochemical processes for establishing an innovative form of total patient wellness.  If you are tired of your health challenges, do not hesitate any longer, Contact Dr. Steward 512-626-2332 TODAY, so you can feel the relief you deserve


“Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health!”


Dr. Cindy Russell Steward

Nutritionist, N.D., D.C.



Chiropractic Oasis

3000 Joe DiMaggio Blvd., Bldg. #2500, Suite #95

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“We see miracles daily!”


What Can a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor Do for You?

A Naturopathic Medicine Doctor can help you through natural means to restore your body to functioning properly and reverse illnesses without traditional medicines or surgery that can cause side effects. If you’re suffering from health challenges an NMD can help you with the natural resources nature provides. Dr. Cindy Russell Steward is a nutritionist and an NMD, and she can help guide you to being healthy and feeling whole again, the natural way when you call 512-626-2332 to schedule an individual appointment.

Helping You Attain Miraculous Health

We see miracles daily, and so will you when you come to Dr. Steward for help. We will help you reduce your weight or obtain more energy. With the use of special devices and techniques, we can also eliminate pain, decrease joint inflammation, increase function and range of motion, and restore your body to proper function and health. We assure you that those nasty pains and aches will lessen, and that weight you want to lose will go away, giving you the desired health you dreamed of achieving.

Our “Natural” Beliefs and Commitment to You

Dr. Cindy is a devout Christian and believes in Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. She believes God put food on this earth for us to be healthy, and that God provided us with natural ways to treat ourselves. She cares for your health, and will do anything within her ability to take away your pain, help you reduce your weight, and help you get back to a healthy state so you can live your life fully. Your satisfaction and health are our primary concerns, and that is why we are committed to work on improving your health.

Our Approach to Helping You

We have mentioned that we use natural techniques, but you are probably wondering what we mean by that. We like to use Chinese Oriental medicines, vitamins, herbs, and minerals instead of prescribing you medicine that could contain toxins your body does not need. We also use acupuncture, injury correction protocols, cranial sacral techniques, food plans and so much more to help your body heal itself.

Why See Dr. Steward?

Dr. Cindy has a wide array of training and certifications that make her an expert in treating you. She is also a devoted naturopath, which means all her treatments are natural. She looks at the body differently than your average medical doctors to gain a new perspective of treating your ailments. You see, the diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine are quite the opposite of conventional Western practices. These methods are based on considering the body as a whole and founded on the principle of bringing balance to all the imbalances in your body. By building healthy cells, which are the body’s foundation, your body can rebuild and restore your health.

Dr. Cindy also knows the importance of customized care and reassurance. She makes her patients feel welcome and comfortable and thoroughly explains everything. She looks forward to meeting you with a welcoming smile. You just need to relax, make yourself comfortable, and watch your healing transformation begin.




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